Welcome to the future of Decentralized trading

2 min readNov 3, 2022


Tokenik is a one-stop multi-Dapp platform that rewards users, projects, and liquidity providers by creating the world’s first Reward Farming DEX with cash incentives.

Tokenik was created to facilitate the onboarding of new crypto natives while also incentivizing liquidity providers via a new proprietary algothrim and reward system that is fair to all. New users will be able to try out our DeFi suite of apps under a single brand, with excellent user support.

Built-in DeFi dApps
• Token Swap • $NIK & $RNIK Staking
• Perpetual Trading • Limit Orders
• Tokenik Wallet • Portfolio Rebalancing
• LP Staking Farms • NFT Escrow
• Lending • Options Trading
• Token Bridge • Tokenik Safe

Best of Tokenik DEX innovations
• Liquid Trading Fees — On every swap, liquidity providers earn both of the swapped tokens, which can be withdrawn at any time.

• Price Impact — Tokenik’s propriety AMM protocol implements a price impact design which rewards liquidity providers up to 70x.

• Fair Rewards Distribution — A rewards platform that fairly and transparently distributes RNIK trading rewards to all parties.

• Sell Tax Support — Tokenik is the only DEX that supports sell tax mechanisms while having no price impact on sellers, creating new opportunities for projects that incorporate taxation into their token design.

• Dedicated Project Rewards — As a partner, you can benefit from reserved trading fees, liquidity growth programs, and rewards.

Dual Token Model — Powered $NIK & $RNIK
NIK is Tokenik’s governance token and is the most rewarding asset a user could hold!Up to 50% of the Tokenik ecosystem’s fees are being distributed to NIK token holders. The fees are distributed daily and can be withdrawn as liquid USDC during Tokenik v1 and as liquid RNIK once Tokenik v2 launches.

Earn RNIK Trading Rewards
Earn 1% of the dollar trading value back in RNIK trading rewards on all qualifying swaps. The RNIK rewards are being instantly paid to your Tokenik rewards wallet balance. Use them as discounts on future swaps, stake them to increase the amount of your rewards, or keep on accumulating more to be converted 1:1 into RNIK tokens on Tokenik v2 launch.