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2 min readNov 10, 2022


Tokenik appreciates and rewards its platform users the most!

Here, at Tokenik, we proud ourselves on ensuring a fair RNIK token distribution. For this reason, Tokenik v1 will focus on the RNIK Trading Rewards distribution and accumulation phase.

Part of this process is the Tokenik RNIK Airdrop through which users can claim, for free, 250 RNIK trading rewards (worth $250; inside the Tokenik ecosystem 1 RNIK has a fixed value of $1).

Who can claim the RNIK Airdrop?

Any user that has an ETH wallet. The airdrop can be claimed once per wallet address.

What is the Airdrop amount?

Every user can claim 250 RNIK trading rewards ($250 value)

What is RNIK?

RNIK represents Tokenik Trading Reward token. More info (https://tokenik.com/rnik-rewards/)

When does the RNIK Airdrop starts/ends?

The airdrop starts on Nov 15th, 2022 and it will last for 3 months until Feb 15th, 2023.

How do I claim the Airdrop?

You can claim the airdrop on our Tokenik App: https://app.tokenik.com/airdrop

Where can I see my RNIK balance?

After you’ve claimed your airdrop, you can see your RNIK balance inside our Tokenik App (https://app.tokenik.com). You will not be able to see the tokens inside your crypto wallet as the tokens aren’t being minted as ERC-20 tokens at this stage.

What is the Airdrop referral link?

The referral program rewards users with an extra 50 RNIK for every user they refer to claim the airdrop. The extra reward comes as a gratitude for helping us bring awareness about the Tokenik airdrop.

Is the airdrop safe to claim?

Absolutely! Interacting with the airdrop contract requires no token approval or incurs any other cost besides paying for the transaction gas.

What can I do with the RNIK I claimed?

The Tokenik platform official launch date is Feb 15th. After that date you’ll be able to use your RNIK inside the ecosystem, and later on mint them as ERC-20 tokens. Until then, you can stake your RNIK for a minimum APR of 20% and continue earnings daily interest.


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